The Secret to Having No More Bad Days by Andy Shaw

The Secret to Having No More Bad Days by Andy Shaw

Whatever you are thinking about you are creating more of.  This is why people have said that your mind is a garden, the thoughts are the seeds… You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

But because of our current life situation we often have to think about things we don’t want to create more of.

Well today I’d like to share with you an exercise which will enable you to protect yourself from a whole day of having to think about weeds.

So if most of your day is spent dealing with stuff you don’t like, then this will protect you and may even allow you to enjoy areas which you previously hated.

This exercise will make you feel fantastic, if you just do it and suspend judging it until you’ve done it.

  1. Spend 15 minutes brainstorming all the things you have had in your life that were moments you appreciated.  Or that you appreciate now. Example I appreciate the time my Dad told me he was proud of me.  Or remembering first kiss, or first love, or a good night out, or a holiday you are going to have, or you’ve had…You know special moments from your life.  Write each of them down on a list.
  2. Once you have either 20 or 30 of them. Or the 15 minutes is up stop.
  3. Now sit back and relax. Either go through your list one at a time, or go through it randomly, it doesn’t matter….Pick one memory and think about it. Remember the feeling, and feel how good it felt when it happened.

Enjoy thinking about the moment and the few minutes before and a few minutes after the moment. Really be in that moment again. Soak it up as if it were happening now. Look at the details, feel the breeze, the smells, the tastes.

Look around you fill in the tiny details as you feel all of this notice how grateful it makes you feel.

4. When you feel like it move to the next item on your list. You don’t need to go through them all, just enough to take at least 15 minutes of your time.

5. When you have done at least 15 minutes, you should feel pretty amazing !

Then go about your day and see what happens. You should feel lighter and you should find solutions to problems begin happening as if by magic.

If you repeat this every day for as long as necessary then you will no longer have bad days, you will just have less good days.