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PXP RoyaleAlfa-PXP-Royale

For centuries, behind Chinese palace walls purple rice was carefully protected and guarded. Only the Emperors, their families and the warriors who rode into battle for them were allowed to consume the rice. Now this potent rice has been rediscovered and unveiled in Enzacta’s Alfa PXP Royale.

Enzacta call this healthy functional food “royalty rice” This specific strain of rice has a higher level of nutrients and amino acids than can be found in any other rice family. It is naturally equipped with polysaccharide peptides and has a high concentration of anthocyanin antioxidants which give it its purple colour.

The purple rice is micronized to alfa particle size using the latest technology. This means that 99% of the rice is able to go into the cells to feed the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the POWER PLANTS of your cells; they convert the nutrition you take in (food, water and oxygen) into energy.

How to take PXP Royale

PXP Royale micronized rice is best taken in warm water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Stir it until dissolved and drink quickly. If you find it difficult to take then stir in some unsweetened fruit juice. At other times of day make sure that is it taken at least 20 minutes away from food for best results.

PXP works by feeding the mitochondria in your cells. This gives your cells more energy and sometimes the body will decide to use this extra energy to release toxins from your body. If you have a lot of toxins in your body you may find that you experience some mild detoxification symptoms around 3 to 5 days after starting to take PXP.

These symptoms may include tiredness, headaches, mild queasiness or looser bowel movements. Detox symptoms are usually short lived from a few hours to a couple of days. If you find the detox effects are too strong for you, simply reduce your intake to half a teaspoon, or a quarter of a teaspoon daily for a few days, then increase back to 1 teaspoon when you feel ready. If addressing a chronic (long term) issue build up the required daily amount gradually until health improves. Drinking plenty of water will also help reduce any detox symptom.

SERVING: 1 teaspoon a day (5 grams) is for general health maintenance. 2 teaspoons a day for chronic issues such as a stressful life situation, feeling blue, aches and pains in joints, menopause. 3-6 teaspoons a day for more serious issues.

PXP is not a drug or a supplement. PXP’s biological function is to fed the mitochondria that give the cells of your body the energy for the body to heal itself. The body will intelligently use the PXP to feed the cells where it is needed most first. Our genetic makeup, level of chronic health conditions, lifestyles, toxin levels differ from person to person so the time-frame over which changes occur will also be different. Keeping a diary will help you remember your transformation and can be useful to share with others in the future.

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