Janesce Conference 2017


A Holistic Journey – How to Care for Yourself, Your Client and Your Business


An outstanding conference last weekend was delivered by Janine Tait and her team,  we all took some piece of information home that would inspire each and everyone of us, to share with our clients and to be able to apply different aspects of this to our business and our personal lives.

We are going to see a new cookbook very soon called “Savour” with lots of different vegetarian recipes and if you are not vegetarian it is great to be able to prepare vegetables in different ways, nothing like new ideas.  We had a cooking demonstration by Janine, Sheryl and Jenny, vegetarian wraps and caramel nut bars, so simple so delicious and all very healthy.

Included in the program were case studies contributed by Janesce / Bestow Skin Therapists. The results were nothing more than outstanding, seeing how people of all ages and lifestyles can turn their skin health around.  Working internally with a change of diet, substituting foods that inflame the body and those beautiful healing herbs that Janesce delivers is magic !  I am talking skin  conditions like acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, perioral dermatitis, the hard stuff, this is life changing to be able to enhance peoples lives like this.

What you put on your skin is only half of the story.  The new terminology is now called “The Slow Beauty Movement”.  Using nourishing super-foods, delicious recipes and beautiful self-care rituals to support skin on a cellular level and nurture a beautiful, healthy glow.  Working holistically has been a game-changer and transformed our lives here at Face and Fragrance.

I would like to share with you “The Value of Creating Rituals”

  • Healthy habits for a beautiful life.
  • Those who engage in self care rituals have better skin through out their lifetime.
  • There is more value if something is part of a ritual.
  • Rituals help replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones.
  • Reframe your ritual.

Self care equals skin care (:

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