Fermented Vegetable Juice

Fermented Vegetable Juice

Fermented Vege JuiceI was wanting to put cheese making equipment into use, something we had in the cupboard but never used, you know how it can be at times.  Well, I am a bit of a fan of fermented vegetables and the health benefits that come with including small amounts with our meals each day, to be used as a  condiment.  The cheapest probiotic and most effective anti-aging food and great for your skin, enjoyed daily help us regain the vitality of our youth.

According to Donna Gates, fermented foods lay the foundation for our internal garden of microflora: the “Missing Piece” that must be inside of us, supplying energy for everyday life.  Fermented foods contain the microorganisms essential to the nourishment and health of our intestines.  With every meal containing these foods, our inner garden renews itself.

Here are just some of the key benefits:

  • Fermented foods are a must for immunity.
  • Fermented Foods and beverages can be more potent than probiotic supplements.
  • Fermented foods provide more nutrients.
  • Fermented foods improve digestion.
  • Fermented foods control cravings.    AHA!!
  • Fermented foods restore acid/alkaline balance.
  • Fermented foods provide a sour taste for improved digestion.

I already have a jar of sauercraut in my fridge so making the juice was a bit of a novelty and besides it is the only shot of anything I have these days.

Here is what I did to make my fermented vegetable juice.

Have a quart or 1 litre jar.

Chop enough vegetables to half fill the jar I used beetroot, purple carrots (hence the pink colour) garlic, ginger, celery, kombu(seaweed) a small piece the size of your thumb and cucumber if you like. Pour over 1 litre of water with 2 teaspoons of seasalt added, this makes a brine solution. I then poured mine into a bowl as shown and placed the plate on top of the vegetables, this submerges them under the brine which is important so they ferment properly.

Cover with muslin and stand on your bench top for between 3-4 days. Strain off the juice pour into a jar leaving it in the fridge for about a week and then enjoy small amounts daily, and watch and see how your health improves.

If you are keen enough you can keep it going, just leave half a cup of the brine in the jar or bowl and add more brine over the vegetables. You may need to culture this a little longer 4-7 days.

Give it a go, good luck and enjoy.

Keep well, Liz