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Bestow Brides


Bestow Beautiful Skin for Brides

Having radiant skin, healthy hair and strong nails is important for your wedding day and your beauty therapist is one of the best people to help you achieve this with the products and treatments she has available at her fingertips.

But another thing you need to consider is what is happening from the inside? As you know, your skin, hair and nails are all created, nourished and renewed from the inside. So this means you are able to improve their appearance by working from within – if you know the secrets to achieving this.

Bestow Beauty is an intensive range of internal cosmetics that make use of will help you look fabulous on your wedding day.


Your moisturiser from within

  • A great-tasting, edible oil that is mixed or poured over your food to nourish your skin, hair and nails from the inside
  • Keeps your skin supple and smooth
  • Helps prevent blockages and ‘breakouts’
  • Ensures your skin’s oil is healing and anti-inflammatory
  • Helps reduce redness in inflamed skin
  • Helps treat skin problems from acne to eczema.


Your edible cosmetic

  • A delicious smoothie powder that delivers the same anti-aging ingredients that your skin care does only directly to the cells that use them in the deepest layers of your skin.
  • Feeds your skin, hair and nails with all the nutrients they need to be strong, healthy and beautiful
  • Contains flaxseed fibre, kelp, spirulina, wheatgrass, alfalfa, coconut, blackcurrant extract & pumpkin flour.


Detoxify, purify, beautify

Your skin tends to reflect what’s happening on the inside. If your body isn’t eliminating toxins efficiently, this can result in dull, devitalised skin, and can contribute to many skin disorders such as acne, blemishes and eczema.
Bestow Be Cleansed is a natural detox powder designed to bestow a clearer, more radiant complexion by encouraging the liver and bowel to (gently) eliminate toxins.

Bride image by Tauranga photographers Katie & Quinn Photography

The Importance of Soaking

The Importance of Soaking.

Our skin care range Janesce is an Australian Plant Based product that delivers amazing results. One of the differences with Janesce are our Soaking Drops.

Soaking Drops are soothing essences in a concentrated water-soluble form. Added to warm water, this stimulating blend of plant essences hydrates and treats the skin. Soaking offers a gentle cleanse while increasing the skins ability to absorb beneficial plant actives by up to 50%.

We recommend to soak 2x a day morning and night and you will see the difference within your skin.
They come in Lavender, Rose, Soothing & Refreshing RRP $35soaking drops


Setting Goals

Real Change Requires a Desire to ChangeSetting Goals

Working towards your goals effectively, completing your Vital Cleanse or any goal of choice. This can be very challenging and one does have to hold themselves ACCOUNTABLE! The rewards can be huge, so here are a few tips, if you are struggling to accomplish your dreams.

*Set up your goal– identify it

*Who or what are going to have as support– write it down

*Time Scheduling– working on your goal, at a time that is best for you.

*Write down– the days/times you will be working on this goal.

*Set Specific Actions– Set smaller tasks if it seems overwhelming. Mark it on a calendar

*Time Out– give yourself time out to evaluate yourself or contact your support person.

*Enhance your Surroundings – How do you work best? clutter free, vision boards, inspirational words. What works for you to keep you motivated towards your goal?

Can Coffee Really Be That Bad For You ?

Can Coffee Really Be That Bad For You?Coffee 


The coffee experiment by Kevin Gianni, health coach.

I love coffee.   I love the taste.   I love the smell.   I love the sound of it brewing.   I love the buzz.   I even love the fact that I love coffee. And yet, I quit coffee almost 10 years ago.  I honestly can’t remember if it was easy or not, but I do know that I didn’t think of it too much or even lay my lips on a cup — until a year ago. I had an espresso.   The espresso was so good, I decided that I would do an experiment I had been processing in my head for a while.   I would drink coffee or espresso every day for 90 days and see what happened. Not just any coffee, but organic and fair trade — which I had never had before when I was younger. I told myself I would stop if I saw outward signs of it not being optimal for my health and would only continue drinking it if I got my blood tested in 90 days and everything was perfectly normal.   I was looking for signs of adrenal stress, mood, skin, eyes, hair or anything else that told me I was going down the wrong path.   I told Annmarie about this and she laughed, “good luck quitting once you start.”   What I really wanted to know was:   Is there a difference between the coffee I was drinking before (the convenience store variety) and the amazing artisan coffees and espressos available here in Berkeley?   Could drinking fair-trade, organic, super-quality coffee be any different?   Let me share what I found out.   A week in.   Nothing spectacular.   I realized that I liked espresso more than coffee. It had more flavor, didn’t give me much of a buzz, and I limited myself to one shot a day. Sometimes I’d order one shot and it would clearly be two. On those days, I definitely got more of a wake-me-up.   Two weeks in.   Much of the same.   Three weeks in.   I decided I would upgrade to a double shot espresso. Why? I wanted to up the concentration a bit and see how my body responded.   I think, looking back, this was my fatal mistake.   Four weeks in.   I tried drinking coffee sporadically. I would switch up between espresso or coffee and see if there was any difference.   It wasn’t as good as espresso, but I liked it.   I started to notice that if I had the coffee, my hands would get clammy and cold about 15-30 minutes after starting to drink it (an adrenal response.) Warning sign #1.   Five weeks in.   I’m still on coffee or espresso. Annmarie tells me that my eyes seem bloodshot.   I make it a point to check every day to see if they still are.   They are.   Warning sign #2.   I’m beginning to see that I need to stop. I wonder if I can. I love it.   Seven weeks in.   Around this time is when I really started to know this wasn’t going so well.   I got out of the shower one day and looked at my hair. It seemed more frizzy and brittle than usual. I passed it off as maybe just the weather, but something inside of me knew it wasn’t. The weather here doesn’t change. It’s either sunny and 70 degrees or cloudy and 60 degrees. Sometimes rain, more often not.   I asked Ann if she noticed a difference and she did.   Now, the warning signs were adding up.  Cravings, clammy hands, bloodshot eyes, dry and brittle hair.   What I didn’t mention was that somewhere along the way, I also was having a little trouble getting out of bed. My hands also started to ache a bit when I was typing — something that had never happened before.   All signs pointed to…   Quitting.   But I didn’t right away.   I just wanted to go out with a bang. To make my last few times the best they could be, since I knew I would be done and likely never do an experiment with coffee again — maybe never even taste it again.   There’s a lot of internal emotional turmoil when you think of things that way.   Weening doesn’t work, but replacement does.   I knew I couldn’t ween my way off drinking coffee. Teasing yourself never works for quitting. Cocaine users can’t just take a little. It’s all or nothing.   So what I decided to do was replace my coffee with something else, to ease my way out of it.   And that’s what happened.   One morning, after about a week of telling myself that I was going to quit, I had a cup of green tea.   The next morning, green tea again.   I did this for another week and the experiment was over.   Success?   I think so.   I haven’t had or thought about coffee since I re-quit, until I started to write this article — but even now, I don’t want a cup or a shot of espresso.   In a period of about 8-9 weeks, I had experienced enough of a decline in my own health to realize that coffee, organic and fair-trade or not — for me — is no health food.   The aftermath…   It took about 3-4 days for my red eyes to clear up. My hair started to get it’s shine back in 1-2 weeks and my hands and fingers were no longer clammy and cold. My hands stopped aching as well.   In this short period of time, my body had adjusted back to its normal, healthy self.   This was fun to see. I normally don’t see health results right away when I do anything, so seeing these changes so quickly, right before my eyes, was evidence that the body is still, and will always be, quite remarkable.   What does this experiment mean for you?   It’s just a story about me and how I react to coffee.   It’s a anecdote that may or may not apply to you.   What was important was that I re-identified symptoms of adrenal stress that likely many of the millions of coffee drinkers experience. If you drink coffee and your hair is brittle and dull, you have cold clammy hands, you have trouble getting out of bed, or your hands ache, you might want to try to give it up for a while (by replacing rather than weening) and see what happens.   That’s the benefit to you — or anyone you know who drinks it.   But what I think is more important for me is that afterwards, I knew that this really wasn’t about coffee. It was about re-learning the mindset it takes to actually quit something you really like, when it starts making you less healthy.   This experiment allowed me to re-feel what it’s like to be doing something unhealthy for me and learn how to get out of that muck.   Powerful stuff.   What can you learn from it? It’s up to you.